What is Routegen?

A simple tool to help developers create realistic routes and export the data in a way they need it (XML, JSON, Java, PHP etc.)

Although Routegen was designed to be used mostly by developers, it has some features that may be interesting to all kinds of users. Imagine for example that you want to quickly look up the distance of your usual jogging route. Routegen is the perfect tool for that - you just find the desired location, quickly click on the map to define the route and voilĂ  - all the data you need is waiting for you in the summary section.

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    Create locations by:
  • map click
  • address
  • coordinates
    Distance calculation:
  • between each point
  • total route distance
  • different measurement units supported
    Route Generation:
  • in the current viewport
  • relative to the map center
  • direction and distance limitation
    Code Generation


When you start the tool (Tool menu), the application will fill the browser window so that you have more space for the map. Every mouse click will create a marker on the map. In this way you can quickly define the desired route.

Use the control panel on the left to switch between the different option categories:
General Options - here you can add markers by address or coordinates, change measurement units and clear all markers
Route Summary - summary of the current created route. Shows all checkpoints and distance between them also total distance. Clicking on the checkpoint number will center the map on this marker and open its info window, clicking on the cross will delete the checkpoint.
CodeGEN - generates code for the current route. Use the help menu in this section to see detailed instructions.
RouteGEN - generates checkpoints. If you choose "relative to map center" option, various advanced options are available. To limit the route direction, enable the checkbox and use the widget to select an angle range for the route spread (the area in blue is the selected area)